I discovered my passion for childbirth after witnessing the beautiful birth of my first niece, Lainey Mae, in 2007. It was the most miraculous experience of my life. I quickly learned I had a natural ability to be a calming, supportive presence during a process that so often comes with some level of fear or anxiety of the unknown.

Research shows having a doula present at birth can actually decrease complications throughout labor & delivery, and increase bonding between a mother and her baby. This knowledge, along with my passion for nurturing women and babies, led me to discover my calling into this field.

It is an honor to educate families, to advocate for and support their decisions about the kind of birth they would like to experience. It is a privilege to stand by their side as they welcome their newborn baby into the family. I am often in awe when I see the strength of a woman, the love & support of her husband or partner when he arrives for her in those moments, and the joy that erupts in the room when the baby is born.

I love my job! I look forward to speaking with you about your desires for your upcoming birth.


– Certified Birth Doula through DONA International – CD(DONA)

– ICEA Trained Childbirth Educator

– Master’s Degree in Education

– CPR/First Aid/AED Certified

– Experience in home births, birthing center and hospital births

– Experience with various childbirth education prep, such as Bradley Method, Birthing from Within, and Hospital Classes

– Support natural birth, as well as medicated birth and c-sections


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