Baby Cruz

Now that I’ve gone through labor once, I can’t even imagine ever having a baby without a doula, specifically Lynette! She has this amazing ability to make you feel calm, capable and strong. I truly don’t know if I could have stuck to my guns about a natural birth if it weren’t for her by my side encouraging and believing in me every step of the way. Because of her, I felt confident that my body knew what it was doing. Lynette also was a huge help to my, otherwise clueless, husband! She showed him how he could help me through the process. As a doula, Lynette was the perfect balance of what we needed. She has such a sweet, calm demeanor but is also tough and very passionate about helping women. She will be your voice when you can’t be. I would absolutely recommend Lynette to anyone!


I would and do recommend Lynette to anyone, especially the guys in the equation, that are thinking about using a doula. Not only was she there to help guide my wife through the process of childbirth step by step, she guided me as well. Lynette wouldn’t let me just be a bystander while she coached my wife through labor. Instead she let me know when it would be ‘good’ for me to do this or that to help my wife through the pain and push on through. She also jumped right in and allowed me to take a step back at times when it got a bit too overwhelming for me. When my wife and I have more kids, you better believe that Lynette will be right there with us all the way.