Baby Elijah

As a first time mom, there are a lot of emotions that come along with your birth experience. You want it to be perfect, you pray it’s painless and quick (yeah right) and of course you want everything to go according to your birth plan (not always the case). So for this, I am so grateful for having Lynette as my doula. It wasn’t perfect or painless or exactly as I had tried to plan, but Lynette did such a great job at making the experience for me the best that it could have been. She was so positive, soft-spoken and knew exactly what to say in awkward moments between my family members. She offered support to my husband and I who were new to all of this. Lynette communicated well with doctors and nurses on our behalf. She was one of the five people that were in the delivery room with me, not including doctors and nurses, and she was always by my side. I really relied on her that day and even though I had my mom, my sister, my husband and multiple other family members I could have preferred, it was her hand that brought me comfort. Lynette is an exceptional doula that genuinely cares and loves on you, your family and the health of the baby. It 100% made my birthing experience unique and special. I will without a doubt be calling her for my next kid…whenever that is. Thank you Lynette!