Baby Evelyn & Abigail

Lynette was by our side for the birth of both of our baby girls and for that we are so grateful. Our oldest is now three and our youngest one and when I think back on both labors I can’t imagine going through them without her there.

I am sure you would agree that when it comes to your child from now until eternity you are going to do whatever you can to make the best decisions for both you and them. I imagine that is why you are here now.

Lynette has not only been a great friend, but she was also the best cheerleader, encourager, prayer warrior, and doula we could have had in welcoming both of our girls into this world.

Why, you ask? Easy.

No book, training or video can prepare you for what is about to literally “go down,” like real life experience. Real life experience trumps those resources any day. Lynette has that. Have you seen her credentials? She has been to so many births. All the moms she has coached through labor, all the labor stories she has been in the middle of, and all the actual births she has witnessed – those make her an expert in what she does.

With the birth of our first child we didn’t know what to expect at all. Not only did Lynette help us develop a birth plan, she gave us confidence throughout the process, even when we felt like things were not happening like they should. This brought such a peace to us both in the midst of labor. If she had not been there I can see how we could have easily been prone to fear or stress simply because we had never experienced this before and didn’t know what to expect.

During both deliveries, as the doctors and nurses checked in throughout the process she always gave reassurance and understanding to the updates and reports. Let’s be honest. I didn’t know half the words or equipment they were using, plus I was focused on giving birth without an epidural. I needed someone to give me the update in layman’s terms and Lynette knew exactly how to break it down.

From being available for middle of the night check-ins, to being an encourager when you’re still pregnant 10 days past your due date (my second child!), to being dependable when it’s time to head to the hospital. I would ask Lynette to be by our side a third time, no question.

When considering a doula there are many questions that come to mind. However, the most important question you probably have is, was it worth it? Absolutely.

-Will & Jennifer