Baby Charlotte

I can’t say enough about how thankful I was to have Lynette as my doula. I have had two deliveries. One without Lynette and one with Lynette. Lynette’s presence at my second delivery was such an incredible experience. She was always thinking two steps ahead. I made the choice to labor at home… I am so glad I did. She knew what I needed when I wasn’t sure. Lynette’s demeanor is calm and peaceful which is how I would describe my labor and delivery experience. I had some complications after my hospital delivery due to some choices my doctor made and Lynette was my much-needed advocate. She was able to communicate to the nurses and doctor when my husband and I were not sure what to do. I don’t like to say that I regret things in my life, but I do wish I would have had Lynette with me during my first labor and delivery.


Lynette’s calm and peaceful demeanor during the most intense parts of labor were such a comfort to me as a husband. I felt like my wife and baby were in the hands of someone whose experience, knowledge and care are second to none.


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